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As a Midland County, Texas law firm, Pinson Law Firm understands that many people equate estate planning with death planning.  However, planning for your inevitable death is critical to ensure the needs of your family are met after your death.  When you seek guidance in planning your estate, you take the necessary step to ensure your children inherit your assets, that the tax laws work to your family’s advantage, and that your legacy and core beliefs remain intact.

In addition to estate planning and wills, we assist clients with such matters as living trusts, revocable living trusts, medical powers of attorney, pet trusts, NFA gun trusts, directives to physicians, statutory durable powers of attorney, and more.  Not only do we help our clients understand the importance of estate planning and prepare the necessary legal documents, we work to fully understand our clients’ hopes, needs, and even their fears in the estate planning process – providing counsel and quality legal guidance.

Our areas of focus include:

Wills – Properly preparing your will is vital; do-it-yourself estate planning is not advised and is highly risky.  We recommend seeking out the guidance of attorney when planning and preparing your will.

Trusts – Frequently used as a component of a comprehensive estate plan, trusts are an area which should be discussed with your lawyer and may be recommended in situations  where children/grandchildren or other family members lack the ability to make appropriate decisions regarding certain assets.

Living Trusts/Revocable Living Trusts – Although not widely used in the state of Texas, revocable or “living” trusts are a viable alternative to a traditional will in some situations.  One advantage is that upon death, the probate process can be avoided if all of the grantor’s (person who created the trust) assets are held in the trust.

Statutory Durable Power of Attorney (financial power of attorney) – When you sign a statutory durable power of attorney,  the individual (agent) you designate will have control over all aspects of your financial and personal affairs, or just specific assets or financial affairs as you specifically direct.  The types of powers you may give your agent include:  stock/bond transactions, insurance and annuity transactions, Medicare, social security, military service, or other benefits, estate, trust, or other beneficiary transactions, real property or tangible personal property transactions, and more.

Medical Power of Attorney – Choosing a person to direct your medical decisions if you were unable to do so requires careful consideration and guidance.

Directive to Physicians – A directive to physicians is designed to specify your preferences/wishes should you become unable to make decisions for yourself regarding medical care/treatment.  Commonly referred to as a “living will,” a directive to physicians makes it possible for you to instruct physicians and family members about your medical care in the event you have a terminal or irreversible condition and are unable to communicate.  The directive also provides you an opportunity to give direction regarding administering or withholding life-supporting treatment in certain situations.

Pet Trusts  – Pet trusts make it possible for you to designate a trustee who will oversee the care and maintenance of your pet(s) with specific assets that you place in the trust.   The designated trustee would take title to the property, while a caretaker is appointed to care for the pet on a daily basis.

Gun Trusts (NFA Gun Trusts) – Gun trusts may be created so that weapons regulated by the NFA (National Firearms Act) including short barreled shotguns or rifles, silencers, suppressors, and other weapons may be obtained legally. 

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